The CSU Student Chapter of the Construction Management Association of America (CMAA) strives to provide students interested in Construction Management as a profession with a sense of the roles and responsibilities of a Construction Manager. The Chapter will work to embody the mission of CMAA which is "to promote and enhance leadership, professionalism, and excellence in managing the development and construction of projects and programs."

Student Chapter Mission Statement: Following the CMAA's mission statement the Student Chapter's mission is to enlarge the student experience by enhancing the link between students and the construction industry, allow students to increase their academic experience, and create a greater sense of community within the CSU Construction Management Department.

Specific Objectives:

  • Expose students to professional aspects of Construction Management by interfacing with local CMAA chapters (i.e., field trips, seminars, workshops and panel discussions).
  • Engage in outreach activities in the community.
  • Help develop leadership skills in CMAA student members.
  • To expose students to CMIT in pursuit of CCM and provide guidance in achieving the certification.

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More information can be found at the national website, cmaanet.org

Visit our local Colorado Chapter at http://www.cmaa-co.org/